Mike Daniels of Slidell outlasted an entry of over 420 to capture the money in the December BR Singles event at Circle Bowl this past weekend.

Daniels was able to defeat Justin Bui of Baton Rouge in the two-game match by a score of 505-446 to claim the top prize.

Bui took out “Coach” Kenny Winsted in the semifinals, while Daniels defeated Tom Crites in their semifinal to set up the championship round.

Daniels won $3,089 by averaging 243 for 19 games, while Bui averaged 235 for the tournament and won $1,544.50. The semifinalists earned $648.69.

In the final eight were Ronald Fils, Mary Mansur, Sumner Taylor and Michelle Wancewicz, earning $432.46.

In other tournament action, in a member-guest Senior All-Star Bowling Association event at All-Star Lanes in Shreveport, Gordon Stuntz teams with Gregory Snee to post an 11-7 match play record and take fourth place in the event, earning $1,300.

Former PBA exempt tour player Billy Oatman and A. J. Rice were the winners of the tournament by about 170 pins, winning the $2,000 top prize. It was Oatman’s first SASBA win.

Looking ahead to 2016, looks like just three events in Louisiana in the current schedule: the Claude Thomas Memorial in January, a December member-guest at All-Star in Shreveport, and a 60/50/Guest trio event at AMF Kenner in March.

Crank up the PBA

It made all the sense in the world when the PBA moved its World Series of Bowling to the National Bowling Stadium, starting this week when ESPN offered the first live prime-time telecast of bowling in many years.

The 36th year of pro bowling on ESPN begins on Dec. 17 with two hours live at the PBA World Championship.

There will also be live coverage on three consecutive Sunday in February of the three other PBA majors — the TOC, Masters and PBA Players Championship. On Feb. 28 will be Chris Paul’s CP3 PBA Celebrity invitational, which in 2015 garnered the highest PBA viewership for any event since 2012.

Last year the audience for professional bowling increased by 23 percent on ESPN. Now ESPN is trying to package it with big events, the fun of the CP3 event, and the fascination that everyone found with the PBA League event at the boisterous Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine.

After the Dec. 17, event, the tour goes back to Sundays starting Dec. 20, and will be a part of the ESPN programming until the end of February, when it will take a break before returning in April for the league shows.

There will be lots of action online at Xtra Frame, the PBA online service starting today through the 16th, with the live show on the 17th and ESPN taping of seven events on Dec. 18-19. Oh yea, they are accepting wagers on the world championship at the host hotel’s sports book. That might make the crowd a little livelier come show night.

Microphone in Hall of Fame

Many of us in the media, who have followed bowling, were very happy to see former ESPN bowling announcer Denny Schreiner announced as one of the newest members of the PBA Hall of Fame. He was the television voice of the PBA between 1986 and 1995, and he joins the late Chris Schenkel as the second broadcaster in the Hall.

Schreiner was a natural, who started on the PBA media staff, before becoming the voice of bowling on the cable network, working with primarily Mike Durbin on the men’s events and Leila Wagner on the LPBT broadcasts. His career in broadcasting was cut short when he was diagnosed with

stargardt macular degeneration, an incurable genetic eye disease.

Honor roll notes

Sumner Taylor led things with a 795 set that featured a 290 game. Duke Koontz had a 300 game and Dick Loudenslager a 299 game. Diane Domingue had a 289 that led to a 712 series for the ladies. The youth bowlers were led by Frederic Taylor with a 613, while Brian Van Gruben led the senior men with 660 and Mildred Dunn the senior ladies with 574.

Jeremiah Simon (277) and Greg Snee (290) had 11 strikes in a row in their respective games.

Back with you on Dec. 22 and until then, good luck and good bowling.