First, the good news: The New Orleans VooDoo enter Saturday nights game at the Orlando Predators knowing they are talented enough to win. After all, the VooDoo on April 3 earned a 62–55 victory at home against the Predators.

Now the not-so-good news: The VooDoo’s lone win this season occurred three weeks ago, before the team’s morale, especially on offense, was shaken by a 1-4 start.

Saturday’s game will likely mark the moment the VooDoo figure out how to win this season or continue a losing streak that will lead to their second losing campaign in as many seasons.

Receiver Larry Beavers said he believes in will be the former.

“We know we should beat Orlando; we beat them once before at home,” Beavers said. “We just need to bring a toughness out and get the job done.”

In recent weeks, though, the VooDoo offense has been more terrible than tough.

Nagging injuries to quarterback Kurt Rocco, quarterback Ryan Perrilloux not being fully healthy himself while learning the game have made it difficult. Adding to the problems are injuries at receiver and a lack of consistent play on the offensive line that has halted enough offensive drives to place the defense in awkward positions.

More good news: Beavers is looking forward to Saturday’s game, for his best outing of the season occurred against Orlando. He caught seven passes for 105 yards and two TDs, including 21-yard score. The VooDoo won after a last-second defensive stand in the end zone.

This season, Beavers has caught 28 passes for 332 yards and five TDs. Leading receiver L.J Castile has 35 catches for 486 yards and 13 scores.

“We all just need to get on the same page,” Beavers said. “Once we do that, we’ll start clicking.

“That’s all it is. Once we get on the same page, they’ll be no stopping us.”

In 2010, Beavers spent time with the New Orleans Saints where he scored on a kickoff return during the preseason.