Well, I don’t think we are going to reach the number of teams that were here in 2005 for the 2012 United States Bowling Congress Open at the Baton Rouge River Center, but with 23 days to the entry deadline, a nice number is still within reach.

As of today, according to the USBC, the entry is at 10,990 teams which means just fewer than 55,000 bowlers are coming to Baton Rouge between the start of the tournament on Feb. 11 and the close on July 9.

That’s still one heck of a number, but under the 13,222 teams that came here in 2005. But as we all well know, that was in a different economic time and, even in that short time ago, a different bowling era. Obviously, 11,000 is no problem as that is just 10 teams away, but are there a thousand more teams to get us to 12,000. I think that would be a heck of a number.

So local bowlers, let’s put our teams together and get in the game. I’m finishing up my entry and hope to drop it in the post box Wednesday. My doubles partner and I, who has asked to remain nameless because she lost the toss and had to bowl with me, are ready. Hope you, as a certain football coach says, “have a want” to participate.

By the way, every day on the schedule from April 10 through the end of June is completely filled.

More than just one tourney

The cool thing about the USBC Open host site is that’s not the only chance to bowl and earn a little prize money.

There will be several side events, including the Bowlers Journal, The BTM and the 1-2-3 Tournament at Metro Bowl. This last event is a new one that is a handicap tournament conducted on the USBC Nationals patter. It’s a good warm-up event for the Open, and those of us in town can bowl in it multiple times.

There are lots of ways to cash in for all levels of players, and that’s a good thing. Check out http://www.bowlingthismonth.com to get more info.

Youth city championships

There are a ton of divisions and winners in the 54th youth city championships that doesn’t allow us to print them all here, but go to http://www.greaterbaton

rougeusbc.com for all the results and the fine bowling by the city youth. But here are a few of the highlights:

Quentin Brown, Rose Attuso and Anna Roberts captured singles and all-event titles in their respective divisions, while Justin Bui won the top average division all-event scratch with a 1,868 total. In Division 2, Todd Evans was the best at 1,753. The top female division scratch all-events went to Summer Juneau with 1,617, while Keondra Eaton rolled 1,634 to take female Division 2.

PBA television

Well, the three days of television tapings are over in Las Vegas, and most of the 2011-12 ESPN series of shows are done. Now, the PBA website will not publish the exact results in news stories, but the money statistics are updated, so you can figure a few things out. And if you really want to know who won a tournament, you might not see until April, then www.bowl.com has all the results.

The shows start Dec. 4 with a two-hour show featuring the World Bowling Tour finals. That will be followed by five shows in six weeks that will crown the PBA World Champion on Jan. 15.

We won’t spill the beans of who won just yet.

Dunaway honor roll notes

The good scores just keep on coming as Lyman Moon rolled a 767 at All-Star to take men’s honors, while a 715 by Doni Kachnowich (by the way her first Louisiana 700 as she hails from Baltimore) was the best for the women, who also had Mary Mansur, Diane Domingue and Bernadine Thompson top 700. Gregory Snee was up with the rest of the guys with his 754 Youth league score, while the senior bowlers applauded the 719 by Gary Zeringue.

Kellie Albright had a 118 triplicate, while Pam White had three games of 157. Lovey Brown was 83 pins over average with a nice 234. Roger Sosa’s 225 was his first over 200. Warren Taylor recorded a 186 all spare game. Senior Ron Lokken and C. J. Broussard bowled well, scoring 50 pins over average. Michael Legendre has 11 in a row in a 298 game, while Fred Ghoston’s 644 was his first 600.

Congrats to Duke Koontz with the perfect game of 300 as part of a 719 series.

Back with you in two weeks, on Dec. 6. Don’t forget the BR Singles at Circle on Dec. 3 and 4. We’ll have results in our next column. Until then, good luck and good bowling.