If 2012 and all that has happened on the local bowling scene had a year-end “Comeback” award, it would have to go to the Greater Baton Rouge USBC Association and its three weekends of city tournaments, which concluded Sunday.

After a bowling season in which the youth city was the only event held, the city open and women’s tournaments returned at a new time of year and with a new enthusiasm.

It was a risk moving the open and men’s events to the fall and having them in the same house at the same time as the youth event (a date the youth had monopolized for years). But it proved successful with nearly 70 teams in the open and right at 30 for the women’s event. The bowling was outstanding, the atmosphere was tournament-worthy, and I think it was a great thing to have the youth interacting with the adult tournament bowlers.

I have to call it a win-win. I had a great time, as did lots of bowlers, which probably explains why I’m so pumped up about it and thinking “let’s do it again next fall”. Of course it could have been my bowling score, which by now has probably drawn the notice of the tournament committee, which will probably be re-rating me any day now.

Seriously, results are being compiled and verified, and hopefully we will have those when we join you in a couple of weeks. There have been several highlights, and Facebook reports have been congratulating Greg Snee and Sarah Poche’ for what appears to be scratch all-events championships. Poche’ fell one pin short of the city record for women with a 795 series, and she continued the good bowling in the doubles and singles.

Finally, we never mention this, and we should. Thanks to all the volunteers and members of the association who gave up a lot of three weekends to work the tournament for the bowlers. You can’t run a good tournament without them.

World Series of Bowling

The PBA World Series of Bowling concluded its run in Las Vegas this weekend with the taping of six television shows, including the PBA World Championships and the finals of the World Bowling Association. And while we won’t give the results away before the shows air on ESPN, there are expected to be some surprises, a victory people will really like and a good atmosphere on the specially constructed lanes for the finals.

Also, the draft for the league season was held, and if this works the way the PBA wants it to, the days of the National Bowling League (way back in the early 1960s) could be reinvented.

The NBL was the idea that was supposed to take the beer league teams’ heyday into the television age with arenas in various cities, sponsored teams, etc. But the PBA and its singles competition got the TV contract, and the NBL was short-lived.

But now the PBA wants to showcase league bowling as part of its tour, and they will in the winter months. Those shows will be taped in the arena portion of Thunderbowl Lanes outside Detroit. Norm Duke had the first pick and chose Rhino Page for his team. See PBA.com for all the draft picks.

The television coverage from the World Series of Bowling begins on Dec. 9.

Honor Roll notes

Sumner Taylor had 836 with a 300 game to lead the men’s scoring, while Brandy Shelton’s 742 was the best for the ladies. Justin Bui posted 720 with a 279 to lead the youth bowlers, while the senior leagues were led by Mike Bass with 708 and Melvin Hebert at 707.

Trey Hebert had his first 700 with a 743. Duke Koontz, Brian Yoches, Alex Domingue and Mike Cook had 300 games. Russ Cradeur and Mike Daniels had 299s. Kerry Landry had 11 strikes in a 290. Senior bowler Beverly Wagener was 50 pins over average, while Bernadine Thompson had a 702 (246).

Brandon Rivet bowled his first 500 (572) with a high game of 225 with a 159 average.

Back with you Nov. 27. Until then, good luck and good bowling.