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Casper Williams, Port Allen linebacker

Casper Williams, junior Port Allen linebacker

How is your junior season progressing?

I feel it’s been pretty successful so far. I’m just trying to stick with my progress, do good things and get my chance to take my game to the next level.

What are you thinking as you head into Friday’s game against Amite?

Just win and give my teammates everything I’ve got. It’s going to be a tough game, but we have to go in focused, keep the mistakes to a minimum and just play hard.

Several of your teammates will be out of Friday’s game because of illness, how does that affect what you have to do?

I have to play ball, have to step up, make the plays and depend on some of my other teammates more than I usually have to. I just have to take my game to another level and try to dominate.

What’s your main focus when you’re out on the field?

Make this play. I feel like I have to make every play. If I don’t make it, nobody will.

What are you working on to get better on the field?

Reading plays. I feel like I have the physical aspect of the game (down). I just have to get smarter so I can see what’s coming.

What’s your favorite aspect about football?

The physical aspect. We’re like gladiators from the old times. I love the contact. I love the game.

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