McDonogh 35 put on another strong showing to remain undefeated and keep Higgins winless with a 40-8 victory Thursday night at Pan American Stadium.

“We did OK,” McDonogh 35 coach Wayne Reese said after the game. “Overall, with the number of kids we played, we did a fairly good job. Not a great job, but a fairly good job.”

McDonogh 35 quarterback Sidney Wilson took charge right away, tossing a 53-yard touchdown pass to Toreano Miner on the Roneagles’ first play from scrimmage.

They kept it up the rest of the first half. Wilson also connected with Darius May on a 15-yard touchdown, then hit Cornell Washington from 12 yards and Lawrence Keys from 54 yards. Wilson passed for 264 yards in addition to his four touchdowns in the first half. He was removed early in the third quarter.

“I knew (a night like tonight) was going to happen,” Wilson said. “But we have to stop being relaxed against a team like this. We have to dominate way more than we did.”

Higgins struggled to get anything going on offense. The Roneagles (3-0) gave up just four first downs — two of them by penalty — in the first half.

The Hurricanes finally caught a break by picking off Wilson early in the third quarter to set up first-and-goal at the 8.

Daniel White found Levar Gumms for an 11-yard touchdown pass on fourth down. White ran in the two-point conversion himself.

But Higgins was unable to generate anything meaningful after that, despite McDonogh 35’s offense sputtering with backup quarterback Lejohn Howard in the game.

Darius eventually added an 8-yard touchdown run to make the score 33-8 late in the third quarter, and Howard found his rhythm early in the fourth with a 52-yard touchdown pass to Keys to go up 40-8.

The game did get chippy in the second half. The teams combined for eight personal foul penalties in the final two minutes of the third quarter. McDonogh 35 committed 15 penalties.

“They thought some stuff should have gone their way, and it didn’t,” Reese said.

Wilson admitted his team made mistakes as well.

“Not all of the calls were bad calls,” he said. “We’ve got to fix our mental mistakes and stop all the penalties.”