The smile on the face of Mentorship Academy Principal Robert Webb Jr. said it all.

After a brief presentation on Thursday morning, the LHSAA executive committee granted the downtown school membership, ending a week-long saga that began with the school’s athletic programs being suspended due to the school’s reorganization.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say I feel like a 15 now,” Webb said. “We’re very fortunate that the LHSAA had this meeting today so we could so this. It’s by the grace of God, really.”

LHSAA Executive Director Eddie Bonine extended his congratulations to Webb afterwards.

With the membership approved and fees paid, Class 2A Mentorship’s season-opening football game at Central will go on as scheduled Friday night. The Mentorship volleyball team can also resume its schedule.

Bonine ruled last week that Mentorship no longer had a valid LHSAA membership. The school was originally two schools under one roof, and LHSAA membership for one of the two schools was granted in 2013.

Last year, school officials opted to close the science and technology school that was granted LHSAA membership. Webb took the blame for the fact that Mentorship did not inform the LHSAA of the change.

Bonine told the committee that Mentorship met all the criteria for a school closure and had cooperated completely to rectify the situation. The executive committee approved Mentorship’s membership request unanimously.