Advocate Photo by KYLE ENCAR --Curtis quarterback, Myles Washington, scrambles up field during the first quarter of a week four game against Edna Karr at Muss Bertolino Stadium in Kenner on Friday, Sept. 27, 2014.

Myles Washington, John Curtis, quarterback

Washington has rushed 47 times for 248 yards and six touchdowns this season. He has completed 4 of 10 passes for 159 yards and a TD and is 11-1 as a starter. Curtis plays St. Augustine on Saturday at 7 at Tad Gormley Stadium.

You play baseball and football. Which sport is your favorite?

I like both of them. I plan on playing both in college.

What’s the latest on your recruiting?

Right now I have offers from Louisville, Kent State, McNeese, Stephen F. Austin Peay and Nebraska Kearney. Those are all football offers.

How tough was it making the adjustment from running back to quarterback last season when the starter went down?

It wasn’t that bad because I played quarterback in the spring. It was pretty much just nerves and jitters that I had to get out the way.

You get a chance to avenge your only loss as a starter Saturday against St. Augustine. Thoughts on the game?

I think it’s going to be a great physical game. I’m looking forward to it. Last year we had a lot of mental errors. We will have to clean those up this year.

Why do you wear No. 34?

My freshman year there was a player here named Jordan Bloomer and I followed him and he basically passed it down to me.

Did you think about switching numbers when you became a quarterback?

No. 34 fits my style of play. I didn’t want to try to change my identity. I wanted people to know that that was still Myles Washington and playing quarterback and running back.

Who do you listen to before a game to get pumped up?

I’m usually listening to Drake or Lil’Wayne to calm me down.

Favorite athlete?

My favorite of all time is Bo Jackson.


Some of my friends call me Simba. One of my friends started that in the eighth grade.

Favorite sports movie?

Sandlot or the (ESPN) 30 for 30 on Miami. (The U).

Who is favorite person you follow on twitter?

Funny Vines. (@funnyvines)

How are you all handling the national rankings?

I haven’t been keeping up. We’re just focused on getting better as a team.

The MLB playoffs started Tuesday night. Who’s going to win the World Series?

I’ll say the Dodgers:

What do you do when you are away from sports?

My dad and I go fishing a lot.

Who’s better?

I have to say my dad because I am still learning.

Favorite team?

The Baltimore Ravens. Before Ray Lewis stopped playing, he was my favortite player so I am sticking with them.

Best high school player you ever faced?

Leonard Fournette

If you could have one player from another team as a teammate, who would it be?

Dylan Moses. He is a great linebacker.

What’s wrong with the Saints?

They need to play more physical defense and have better coverage. OI think they will turn it around.

Rod Walker