Two local football teams will suffer their first loss of the season before ever playing a game.

Higgins and Helen Cox will both forfeit their season openers after a fight that occurred last Friday in a jamboree between the teams at Hoss Memtsas Stadium.

The LHSAA announced the decision Tuesday after reading the game officials' report and watching video of the incident.

The LHSAA concurred with the officials that all players exited the sideline, violating rule 5.11.8 of the LHSAA handbook.

As a result, Cox will forfeit its Thursday night game against East Jefferson, and Higgins will forfeit its Friday night game against Holy Cross.

East Jefferson and Holy Cross will be awarded 2-0 victories and will earn their first victories of the season.

But they would much rather have tried to earn the win on the field.

"It's disappointing because our kids were excited about playing Cox," East Jefferson coach Frank Allelo said. "We have been working hard to get prepared for Week 1. It is what it is. We are going to take it in stride and now just work on getting prepared for Week 2."

Holy Cross coach Eric Rebaudo agreed with those sentiments.

"It puts us in a little bit of a bind because we would have liked to have gotten that experience," Rebaudo said.

Holy Cross will now open its season Sept. 9 at Tad Gormley against Covington, while East Jefferson will host Lakeshore on the same night at Yenni Stadium.

Helen Cox, meanwhile, will play its first game Sept. 8 against McDonogh 35 and Cox will play at St. Amant.

Also as part of the LHSAA penalty, players from Helen Cox and Higgins must also complete a sportsmanship class.

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