Hard-fought points and come-from-behinds runs were the trademarks of Cecilia’s 24-26, 25-18, 25-20, 25-23 victory against the Northside volleyball team Tuesday at Northside.

Cecilia (3-0) received a shock in the first game against a young Vikings squad.

Down 13-9, Cecilia senior Savannah Bostan served seven unanswered points to put the Bulldogs back in contention.

But the solid effort from Bostan and the rest of the Bulldogs didn’t help them win the first game.

Later in the matchup, Cecilia went up 24-23 and only needed to win the next point to take the first game, but Northside (2-4) went on a three-point run to snatch the game away from the Bulldogs.

Cecilia and coach Brandi Joice would go on to win the next three games and ultimately claim the victory.

“I think it was a really good competition,” Joice said. “(Northside) came out and surprised us for sure. They’re looking really good, but I’m proud of my girls for sticking it to the end and working really hard because we’re not used to being in this heat — it takes a lot out of us.”

Joice applauded the work of Bostan and teammate Carmen Degeyter for leading a strong offense.

“My offense did great,” Joice said. “They stayed aggressive. They tracked the ball. Carmen (Degeyter), No. 5, was awesome. She got up high, put the ball down several times.

“My defense worked together, kept the ball off the ground. It was touch and go for a little bit, but they pulled it off in the end so I was really happy for them.”

Ultimately Northside coach Charmain Ford’s young team, which had trouble with communication Tuesday and also saw one player sidelined because of an injury, couldn’t keep up with the Bulldogs.

“I have a very young team,” Ford said. “I have like five freshmen that you saw tonight play. I have like three seniors and two juniors and all the rest are freshmen. So I’m rebuilding right now. … I think they (the freshmen) did an outstanding job tonight.”

They might have had a hard-fought win Tuesday night, but Joice is confident in Cecilia’s chances this season.

“Come out and see Cecilia because I’ve been hearing all over town, everybody’s giving us compliments that this is the best team that they’ve seen in at least four years so we’re looking to go to the Pontchartrain Center (for the state tournament).”