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Advocate staff photo by JOHN OUBRE -- Southern Lab's Jonard Robinson chases a loose ball snapped over the head of Madison Prep's Malcolm Roach during a two point conversion attempt by Madison Prep.

Jonard Robinson, a Tulane commitment, is a 6-foot-2, 187-pound senior from Southern Lab. The sixth-seeded Kittens (8-3) travel to No. 2 Vermilion Catholic (10-2) on Friday.

What does making it to the Division IV semifinals this week mean to you?

“It means a lot. We’ve had a lot of good runs in the playoffs, but because we lost so bad in the finals last year we want to redeem ourselves.”

Was there a major lesson you learned from that 52-6 loss to Ouachita Christian in last year’s Division IV title game?

“You have to give it your all on every play. The worst feeling is regret, because you’re left knowing you didn’t give you’re absolute best. I don’t ever want to feel that way again.”

Talk about your two interceptions in last week’s win over Central Catholic.

“Their original plan was to keep the ball away from me. They went to the other side of the field, so I had to do a little ball-hawking.

“I was able to predict what they were going to do most of the time and I had to go get the ball.”

Do you prefer playing against a running team or a passing team like Vermilion Catholic?

“I always pick a passing team. I like to play against a passing team that is going to challenge me on just about every play. I want to play against their best receiver every down?”

What did you think makes Vermilion Catholic successful?

“I feel like their receivers run them to a different pace than other teams and they also run their routes to perfection. I still don’t know if I’d throw it to my side, though.”

How can you prepare for a team like Vermilion Catholic?

“The toughest thing is making sure you don’t focus too much on one person. If you do that, someone else will step up and make plays. We have to play attention to our assignments and their alignments.”

What’s the difference between last year’s Southern Lab team and this one?

“We have more seniors this year and we’re hungry. We’ve been knocked out of the playoffs before the finals and then beat bad in the finals. We want to finish strong this year.”

What do you like about Southern Lab’s offense?

“Our offense is capable of doing a lot of things. We’ve got a big line, a good running back, a tall quarterback and receivers who can go get the ball. I might even get the chance to move over and get some (receiver) stats.”

Why did you choose Tulane?

I think I can help bring something to the table and help win not only games, but hopefully bowl games. And it’s all about the green. That’s my favorite color.”

Robin Fambrough