Belle Chasse has been working on a new offense and one of its main components is quarterback Andrew Hicks, whose highlights included touchdown runs of 35 and 26 yards Thursday in a scrimmage at Hoss Memtsas Stadium with De La Salle and Helen Cox.

“The offense, we got better as we went,” said Belle Chasse coach Stephen Meyers. “We’ve been doing this offense for two months. We’re going to improve every week. It’s about being physical, being physical in the third and fourth quarter, long drives, and not giving up big plays on defense. That’s the philosophy we’re going to have here at Belle Chasse.”

While Hicks had big plays, Meyers said more might be coming from his quarterback.

“It’s different for him. It’s only been two months,” Meyers said. “So, he’s going to improve. He’s the leader of the team, no doubt.”

Hicks said despite a slow start, things started to pick up.

“At first we had a slow start,” he said. “But coach came in, hyped us up, told us we were going to be physical, physical. We got hyped up and we just moved the ball down the field.”

Hicks said he sees his team progressing

“I’m excited,” he said. “We’ve only been running this offense for two months, and we’re still improving. We’ve got more improving to do, and we’re going to be fine.”

Highlights for Helen Cox included two touchdown passes, including one for 45 yards. Coach Willie Brooks said he wanted to make sure to give every single player some work.

“Our biggest thing is we wanted to get repetition tonight,” he said. “We’ve got 60 guys on the team. We’re trying to get everybody some reps. We’re trying to develop a little depth.”

Brooks said he wanted to have an opportunity to evaluate his players. All three teams took turns playing each other on both halves of the field. When De La Salle left, Belle Chasse and Cox faced each other on a full field.

“With a long scrimmage like this, we were able to get the quality work we needed to do,” he said.

While De La Salle might have been the first team to leave, their presence was known quickly as the Cavaliers scored on a rushing touchdown on the first play of their initial series against the Cougars.

A De La Salle defender almost picked off a pass from Hicks and the defense stopped Cox for a loss, too.

“I loved them, and that was De La Salle football,” De La Salle coach Ryan Manale said. “They played hard, every single snap. They played their hearts out.”

Youth will be a big part of the Cavaliers this season, and Manale said he has no seniors on the offensive or defensive lines.

“It was invaluable for our guys, really to mature, because we are so young,” Manale said about Thursday’s scrimmage with the two West Bank schools.