The LHSAA’s ban on walk-up music for baseball and softball ended quietly during the afternoon portion of Thursday’s executive committee meeting.

Executive committee members instructed LHSAA Executive Director Eddie Bonine to refer complaints about walk-up music that includes obscene language and language about inappropriate acts back to the schools in question.

Bonine noted that a lack of action by schools following complaints led to the ban he issued last week in a communication from the LHSAA office that was sent out to schools.

“This was more informational for me,” Bonine said. “I’m not going to take back that I stopped it for a period of time. Loud and clear today … the ban was lifted. And if there are complaints I’ve got a phone tree to go to.

“I wanted to see what kind of blowback I got from it and I got 14 schools who said, ‘Why the heck are you doing that.’ I also wanted the committee to hear that visiting teams are bringing boom boxes to the game and playing their own music, which has turned into a problem for umpires. That was done.”