Football-related appeals by three schools were denied by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association’s executive committee during a specially called meeting Wednesday.

The committee upheld the ruling of a sportsmanship committee that banned two Monroe area schools, Carroll and Bastrop, from the football playoffs this season.

Also upheld during the meeting at the LHSAA office was a ruling by Executive Director Kenny Henderson that requires Northside-Lafayette to forfeit five wins because of an ineligible player.

The playoff ban for Bastrop and Carroll came as the result of an Oct. 14 altercation that prompted game officials to stop their game in the third quarter.

Henderson said the playoff ban came because neither school took steps to identify and discipline players and/or coaches involved in the altercation. The hearing was held Oct. 27 in Monroe.

“What the committee decided here today was that we were not going to retry the hearing,” Henderson said. “Both schools had ample time to present their case during that hearing.

“The committee asked what grounds they planned to appeal on, listened to both schools and upheld the ruling.”

In addition to the ban, each school was fined $1,000 and also had to split the cost of the hearing.

Northside appealed a ruling that made quarterback Jasper Turner ineligible.

Turner started the school year at Morgan City High because of a change in parental custody and then returned to Northside in September after another custody change.

School officials argued they had no knowledge of the custody changes.

Under LHSAA rules, Turner needed to sit out 45 days to become eligible after returning to Northside.

While Northside must forfeit all five of its football wins, the committee said Turner would be eligible for other sports, since the 45-day waiting period ended last week.

“I hate this one, because it’s something that could happen to any school,” Henderson said.