Gay Louisiana prep football referee hears hateful comments on job: People here think gays 'weak,' 'perverted,' 'messed up' _lowres

A Louisiana high school football referee describes to in a recent blog post the kind of hateful comments he hears from others about their feelings on gay people. (AP file photo)



"There is something wrong with them."

"I don't want any of that rubbing off on me"

It's become commonplace for one closeted, gay Louisiana high school football official to hear disparaging comments about homosexuality, he recounts in an anonymous blog posted to

The site granted the official anonymity, it says, "given the likelihood of retaliation from other officials and possibly his assignor. Outsports has privately confirmed the official's identity."

In the nearly 1,500-word post, the official gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what his officiating colleagues say and think about gay people. The write up includes graphic slurs and accounts of how this official has navigated situations that could potentially reveal he's gay.

"I have thought about leaving Louisiana many times, but various things have kept me here, from family to work," the official wrote. "It always seems as if I'm just not meant to leave.

"I know when I do come out completely I won't have to spend my time trying to hide my sexuality. I can instead use that energy to help make myself a better official. But until this homophobia is dealt with out in the open, Louisiana high school officiating will never get better."

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