An arbitrator took the eligibility appeal of Episcopal’s Clement Mubungirwa under advisement and is expected to render a decision between noon and 4 p.m. on Friday.

Representatives for the school and the Louisiana High School Athletic Association presented their cases to the arbitrator during a Thursday hearing at the LHSAA office which lasted more than three hours.

The school is seeking an extra year of athletic eligibility for Mubungirwa, a football and soccer standout who turned 19 55 days before the LHSAA’s cutoff date for eligibility. The LHSAA’s executive committee denied Mubungirwa’s appeal in March and a law later passed by the Louisiana Legislature set up the arbitration process.

Episcopal’s representatives said the hearing provided a chance to express their case to a neutral third party. LHSAA Executive Director Kenny Henderson declined comment, citing the advice of the organization’s attorney.