There was limited discussion about split-related playoff proposals as principals completed their class meetings at the Louisiana High School Athletic Association’s annual convention Thursday at the Crowne Plaza .

One key figure in whether or not the LHSAA might opt to split its championship events beyond football, Many Principal Norman Booker III, did not use the 2A meeting as a platform to discuss his proposals to extend the split playoffs to include baseball, softball and basketball.

Booker did get involved in some roundtable discussions early in the day but calmly stated his case after the 2A meeting.

“My rationale behind my proposals is to more or less align those sports — basketball, softball and baseball with football,” Booker said. “My concession is to amend those to make them match whatever passes in football. Football has led the way in this (split) process.

“For 2A this is a slam dunk because we’ve had to contend with Curtis and Evangel. If 5A and 4A decide they’d like to play together, I’d have no problem with that. The enrollment processes for private and public schools is from one end of the spectrum to the other. I just think it’s the most safest and equitable way to compete in playoffs is to be separated.”

Catholic-New Iberia’s Ray Simon offered an alternative 2A view.

“I think we need to go along with our new commissioner and give him that year he’s asking for and let him identify the problems and seek solutions,” Simon said. “I’m very much about being fair and equitable. I really believe a split is not in the best interest of any school in the state of Louisiana.

“I want my students at a Catholic school to be able to compete with public school students and interact with them. I don’t think it’s good to have that exclusivity.”