A few minutes with ... De La Salle standout wide receiver Christian Booker _lowres

Christian Booker, DeLasalle wide receiver

Booker is a 6-foot-4, 190-pound senior receiver at De La Salle. He has caught 13 passes for 294 yards and seven touchdowns for the Cavaliers (6-0), ranked No. 3 in The New Orleans Advocate Small School Super 10. He has verbally committed to Nicholls State.

De La Salle is one of four undefeated teams left in New Orleans. How does that feel to be still perfect?

It feels good to be undefeated. We are just trying to work on winning week-by-week.

What’s the atmosphere like around the school?

A: It’s pretty exciting around the school. You feel like you’re almost a star because De La Salle hasn’t been undefeated like this in a long time, since like 1969.

You wore No. 11 last week (jersey of injured teammate Quincy Cage). What made you decided to do that?

Quincy and I played park ball together. He was really hurting, and he asked me to wear the jersey because at first it wasn’t official that he would be coming back and playing with me my senior year. So I wore it the homecoming game. I will wear it until he comes back.

Normally you wear No. 7. How did you choose that number?

My brother (Melvin Labat) was an offensive lineman (at John McDonogh) and he wore 70. Obviously as a receiver I couldn’t wear 70, so I chose 7.

What’s it like being a receiver in a run-heavy offense?

It’s good because I get a lot of one-on-ones. Everybody is normally focusing on stopping the run so I get a lot of opportunities to make big plays.

What do you do before games to get hyped up?

I just usually listen to music and just zone out.

Who do you listen to?

I usually listen to a local New Orleans rapper named Bee.

Who is your favorite NFL receiver and why?

Calvin Johnson. I just like the way he plays and how he uses his body to his advantage.

Who is the toughest defensive back you’ve ever had to go up against?

I’d say my sophomore year when I went against Terrence Alexander, who played at Curtis. (now at Stanford)

You also play basketball and run track. What do you like the most?

Football By far.

How tough is going from one sport to the next.

It’s tough because I don’t get to work out as much, so I’m not as big as I could be. But once I get to college and get a full year around football, I will get a lot bigger.

How would you like to see the season play out?

I’d love to win district because De La Salle hasn’t done that in a long time. And I’d love to play in the Dome.

Rod Walker