The St. Scholastica Doves gave first-year coach Lauren Beattie a victory in her first match as SSA defeated Northlake Christian 24-26, 25-16, 25-19 and 25-16 Tuesday afternoon in Covington.

“I’m very excited,” Beattie said. “But you have to give all the credit to the girls. They have worked very hard all offseason and in the preseason. We all have been working hard for this heading into the first game.

“We came into that first game with a lot of butterflies, but you have to credit Northlake Christian for having a tough environment to play in. I guess one of the perks of being a co-ed school is that you have a lot of loud boys and their student section really did well keeping their team pumped up.”

Allison Weimer led the Doves (1-0) with 15 kills, five aces and two blocks. Mikayla Richard added 12 kills and Annie Schwartz had seven digs. Senior Emma Estapa added 33 assists in the win.

“Our team didn’t play well in that first game,” Beattie said. “But we fought through the adversity and were able to calm down and do what we had to do to get the win. We just weren’t doing anything right early on. The first match of the season you expect some mistakes, but to our team’s credit we were able to learn from them quickly and get the win. Overall I’m happy with the way we play, and the way we finished. We pounded some balls tonight.”

The Wolverines (0-1) were led by Maddy Rouyer’s five kills. Alaina Hardy and Allie Blestel had four kills apiece and Lexie White added three blocks.

Wolverines coach Shannon Puder said there is much for her team to learn from in the first match of the year.

“We came out well in the first game,” Puder said. “I know the physical focus is there with this team, but they have to realize to stay in the game mentally and emotionally from start to finish. As the games went on, I could see the team was chipping away at their own mental and emotional confidence. Those are the two most important things we need to be a strong team this year.

“We were for sure in this match throughout. We just have to get use to the new rotation we are running, and that is going to take some time. We are getting use to our style of play and game plan. Once they get accustomed to it and attach themselves to it I believe we will be fine.”