Matt McCune eats, sleeps and drinks high school basketball.

Friday morning, he finally got the chance to be put in charge of his own prep program.

The 30-year-old was named as the basketball coach at Northlake Christian School.

McCune takes over for Sean Englert, who moved into an administrative role.

McCune comes to Northlake Christian after serving as an assistant coach at Episcopal in Baton Rouge.

“The Episcopal community meant a lot to me,” he said. “They were my family, but they know this is the right fit for me, because Northlake Christian is a great family now for me and my wife. NCS is an amazing school, and I already feel part of this family. I love that.”

This is the first head coaching job for McCune. He said is going to take the lessons he learned as an assistant and is excited to get to work.

“I come from a successful high school program,” he said. “I learned from (Episcopal coach) Chris Beckman what it takes to not only build a successful program but sustain it. That is my plan. I want to be here for a long time.

“I want to make competing for district championships and going to the postseason a yearly tradition. Not just every now and then. I remember when I told coach Beckman that I was thinking about taking this job. He told me that I have been ready for years to be a head coach.”

An assistant coach last year on the boys basketball team, Wolverines Athletic Director Anthony Agresta said McCune sold him from the first time they spoke.

“I asked Matt if he had any questions for me toward the end of our interview,” Agresta said. “He wanted me to tell him what I thought of last year’s team. I started to express what we did well and what we could improve on.

“Then Matt systemically went through our starting lineup and gave me a scouting report. He had us pretty well scouted. Matt is absolutely a guy that does his homework, and we are thrilled to death to have him take over our basketball program.”

McCune got the chance to meet his team for the first time Friday afternoon.

“You say you run a motion offense, and there are 90 different versions of it,” McCune said of what style of play he hopes to implement.

“Basically my offensive philosophy is if you are standing still you are doing something wrong. I know it is very simple, but the more you move the harder you are to guard.

“Defensively I like being versatile. You have to have something to hang your hat on and for me that has always been a strong man-to-man defense. Basically I will try to do whatever I possibly can to give my team an edge on both sides of the court each and every game we play. That is the goal.”