Zachary High was a second-half team during the first half of the season, so ZHS coach David Brewerton challenged his team to start fast.

Brewerton got exactly what he asked for. The Class 5A Broncos raced out to a 50-14 halftime lead en route to a 64-28 victory over Plaquemine (5-1), the fifth-ranked Class 4A team, Friday night at ZHS’ Bronco Stadium.

“Plaquemine can score from anywhere on the field at any time, and we knew that,” Brewerton said. “So we knew when we had the opportunity to get points we had to get them.”

Five of the Broncos first-half scoring drives lasted less than a minute. ZHS (5-1) also scored on a punt return, putting a Plaquemine team with a Wing-T offense at a decided disadvantage.

Quarterback Lindsey Scott Jr. and receiver-return specialist Douglas Coleman set the tone for the Broncos.

Scott threw for 269 first-half yards and finished 12 of 17 for 383 with four touchdowns. He also ran for 69 yards, one less than Terry Sullivan, who finished with 70 yards on 14 carries with two TDs. Coleman returned a punt for TD and also caught three passes for 135 yards and two TDs.

“I just felt like we were all focused in the first half,” said Coleman. “Most people look at us like the underdog. We wanted to show people what we’re really about.”

Preston Russ ran for 70 yards on six carries and scored one TD for Plaquemine (5-1). D’Morea Wicks (134 yards) and Louis Conerly (132 yards) combined for 266 yards as the Green Devils battled to catch up.

“I felt like we prepared, and we were ready to play,” Plaquemine coach Paul Distefano said.

Scott completed his first four passes for 200 yards, including three TDs. He finished 6-for-9 with 269 yards and four TDs.

Coleman caught TD passes of 56 and 29 yards and finished with three catches for 125 yards. The junior receiver also scored on a 59-yard punt return.

Scott completed the 56-yard TD pass to Coleman and scored on a 25-yard run during the first five minutes of the game. Sullivan’s 14-yard TD gave the Broncos a 22-0 lead with 6:30 left in the first quarter.

The Green Devils scored on a fake punt. Conerly tossed a 62-yard pass to Joe Keller to make it 22-7.

Coleman’s punt return and the 29-yard pass play from Scott to Coleman added to the lead in the second quarter.

Plaquemine scored twice in the third quarter to draw closer. Russ scored on a 23-yard run.

Conerly caught a 1-yard TD pass from Wicks, who set up the TD by completing a 56-yard pass to Wayne Toussaint while lined up at halfback.

Brewerton gathered his team on the sideline before the fourth quarter started. Once again, he got his message across. Scott completed a 31-yard pass to Christopher Carrier and Sullivan scored on a 4-yard run.