As I ponder the events of the last week my emotions are mixed.

It was good to get the fall playoff season started with volleyball and to see the football regular season come to an end.

What happened in between brings out the opinionated side of the high school sportswriter. There also is a flood of feelings, some tinged with sadness, based on two significant events.

We are all shaped by the people we meet and the events we experience. Both can make you grow wiser and at times, frustrate you.

The late Jerry Boudreaux is one person who made an impression on me since I began covering high school sports in the Baton Rouge area 25 years ago. Boudreaux died Thursday and for myself and others his impact will live on.

The longtime Zachary High principal was a driving force behind the Louisiana High School Athletic Association/Louisiana High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame. Boudreaux retired from ZHS in 1995, but he never tired of his work for the prep Hall of Fame or for the LHSAA and other groups.

The Hall of Fame basketball games that Boudreaux helped host each year at LSU were huge fundraisers that helped make the current exhibit at the LHSAA office possible.

The games also fulfilled another purpose, providing memories for players who might not get the chance to play in a facility like LSU’s Pete Maravich Assembly Center.

There were some great games and great players through the years and for that I am thankful. And I’m also thankful to witness the example set by Boudreaux, who was always willing to lend a hand without asking what was in it for him.

Of course, there also was the whole Parkway High saga with the LHSAA. The LHSAA denied one appeal by Parkway High and issued a second set of sanctions against the Bossier City school.

Everybody has been questioning the decisions of the LHSAA in recent weeks after the “parting of ways” of the LHSAA and its Executive Director Kenny Henderson.

The LHSAA and Parkway were under the microscope this time. That the first sanctions possibly could have been avoided frustrated me.

I’ve lost track of the times I’ve seen schools come before the LHSAA convinced they checked everything and followed the rules. It’s a shame because the LHSAA is in place to check rules. All schools have to do is ask.

The second set of sanctions involved a violation that was deemed to be intentional in the LHSAA ruling. It was self-reported by the school. There’s always talk about intentionally breaking rules but little documentation.

If that’s not a WTH moment for the LHSAA and its member schools, I’m not sure what would be. It’s sad for the Parkway players who won’t be in the playoffs and for the LHSAA too.

Looks like everybody lost something this week.