A few minutes with Silk’Vonta Browder _lowres


Silk’Vonta Browder is a linebacker at Madison Prep

Your team won 36-0 last week. How do you think it went?

I think it went very good. Our defense played very good and our offense was moving the ball. We just have to come back and do it again this week.

What was the key to last week’s game?

Our team last week was really able to get back there and put pressure on the quarterback and make sure they don’t score.

Another big matchup against Woodlawn this week. What are you expecting from them Friday?

We’re looking at a good quarterback (Woodlawn’s Charles Brooks). I’d say we need to go out there and have our mind set on him and make sure he doesn’t run and move the ball.

What makes him (Brooks) such an effective quarterback?

He plays smart.

What are you personally focusing on for this week?

My goal for this week is to make sure we pull out the win so we can change people’s mindset about Madison Prep.

What is that mindset right now?

They think that just because we’re a 1A school that we are unable to win. So we have to change their minds.

How do you think (Madison Prep) is developing in its second full year of varsity football?

We’re playing very smart and we’re playing as a team. We’re becoming brothers.

(Madison prep) is on the verge of breaking into the top 10 on some of the polls, how does it feel to be right on the cusp of that recognition?

It’s a great feeling. We’re coming up.

Mike Gegenheimer