Football jamborees undergoing some changes _lowres

Jay Mayet, Parkview Baptist football coach

When long time head football coach Kenny Guillot opted to retire from coaching last month, Parkview Baptist Superintendent Don Mayes decided the school needed to take some time before naming its next head coach.

Ultimately, the school opted to go with the candidate many people expected to get the job, interim head coach Jay Mayet, the school’s long time defensive coordinate. PBS announced Mayet’s hiring in a press release Monday afternoon.

“We have all the confidence in the world in Jay and know that we will continue with a level of consistency on and off the field,” Mayes said. “There’s not a doubt in my mind that he’ll do an outstanding job for us.

“We felt like we needed some time first to celebrate coach Guillot because he’s so important to us. We knew we had several great candidates on our staff and it was good to look at some other applicants. In talking with the parents of current players in the program and the parents of some former players, we learned some important things. More than anything else, they wanted to have the same continuity on and off the field that we’ve always had. Hiring Jay does that.”

Mayet has been on the PBS staff for the past 17 years. He has served as athletic trainer, director of sports medicine, strength trainer and defensive coordinator in addition to being the football defensive coordinator for all 15 seasons that Guillot served as PBS coach. Mayet is a South Lafourche High and McNeese State graduate and also is Guillot’s son-in-law.

Though plans could change, Mayet said he currently plans to continue handling the defensive coordinator duties along with the new head coaching duties.

“Moving forward, when you see us on the field other than coach Guillot not being there won’t be a lot of difference,” Mayet said. “There are going to be some day-to-day changes and some small philosophical changes that would happen any way.

“It is an honor to continue to serve PBS,” Mayet noted in the press release. “I am looking forward to the opportunity of leading the program and maintaining the structure that has been in place for the past 14 years.”