Walker: Cohen loses again, but Green Hornets won’t stop trying _lowres

Advocate staff photo by ROD WALKER Cohen College Prep coach Perry McCarty talks to his team during Saturday's game against Crescent City at Tad Gormley Stadium.

You win some.

You lose some.

At least that’s the way the football gods are SUPPOSED to ration out Ws and Ls.

But as Cohen College Prep’s Freddie McGee can tell you, that’s not always the case.

McGee, a senior receiver and defensive end, and his teammates have never won a high school football game. Ever.

The agony of defeat agonized the Green Hornets yet again Saturday, just like it has done for each of the past 1,435 days.

McGee was an eighth-grader the last time Cohen tasted victory on Oct. 29, 2011, with a 44-12 triumph over Sophie B. Wright.

Saturday was supposed to be different, considering it was against a Crescent City team also seeking its first win of the season.

“It’s very disappointing,” McGee said after the 12-6 loss. “We all thought this was one we could get. We let it slip through our fingers.”

The losing streak is now at 35, giving fourth-year coach Perry McCarty 35 different reasons to curse out the football gods for being so unkind to the Uptown school, formerly known as Walter L. Cohen.

But he won’t.

And he says he isn’t discouraged.

“I won’t quit on them,” McCarty said. “As long as they keep fighting hard for me, I will be here for them. With us being an open-enrollment charter school now, there is a lot of turnover from year to year, so I try to be at least the one constant in their lives. It’s not an easy job, that’s for sure, and I hate losing just as much as the next guy, but we have to keep pushing through.”

But he admits it ain’t always easy.

Keeping his players’ heads up often times take precedence over teaching the Xs and Os.

“Yeah, we spend more time motivating than practicing football some of the time,” McCarty said. “We have some talent. It’s just a matter of staying focused all the time. It’s been a process. We have some seniors who have been here for a while and they really want that win. They are leaving it all out there. We are going to keep working, and hopefully sooner or later it will happen for us.”

His players believe it will happen too.

So do his former players.

Quinn Green and Randall Fields, both who graduated last season, were on the sideline rooting their former school on Saturday.

“The best thing you learn is to just keep trying,” Green said.

“Don’t give up. We lost games and I had teammates who quit, but I never quit. You never give up.”

There were times Saturday when the drought looked like it just may come to an end.

Cohen took a lead in the first quarter when the tiny, but gritty Malik Lopez — listed at 5-foot-3, 125 pounds — connected with Jamon Mack, who made a juggling catch for a 12-yard touchdown.

The first quarter touchdown was just their fourth touchdown through five games this season.

Unfortunately for them, it was also their last one of the day.

A pick-6 thrown by Lopez with 10:36 left eventually sealed the fate of the Green Hornets.

“It’s pretty tough,” McCarty said. “We thought it was going to be today. We have some games down the line that we hope we can pull out. But with low numbers, we are a couple injuries away from being decimated. I was proud of the effort.”

Cohen finishes the season with South Plaquemines, Fisher, Thomas Jefferson, Haynes and Ben Franklin.

McGee will be right there, continuing to try to get a win before he graduates in the spring.

“I love my team,” he said. “They are my brothers and like family.”

He also says there are life lessons in the losses.

“This teaches you to never give up,” McGee said. “When the times get hard, keep pushing.”

His former teammate Green knows the feeling all too well.

“It was depressing to keep losing,” Green said. “But you just have to keep on pushing forward. Eventually something good is going to happen.”