LHSAA agenda vote

Principals reeelect President Todd Guice of Ouachita Parish as President and Central Catholic’s Vic Bonnaffee as Vice President by acclaimation.

Classes 1A, B and C approved eight-man football concept. That means LHSAA can move forward with offering eight-man football for 2015-16 as long as 16 teams are interested in playing it.

Motion to take proposal that would make parish lines the attendance zone boundary off the table passes 228-83.

After brief discussion, the parish attendance zone boundary passes 184-125.

Motion to take a school transfers proposal that would set up parameters for transfers in and outside of parish lines/public private schools taken off the table passes by a 214-91 vote.

Amendment that wouldn’t require students from outside parish lines by Country Day fails 148-146.

The original proposal passes 195-114.

Motion to take proposal that would prohibit students younger than seventh and eight-graders from competing taken off the table 229-79. It passes 232-79.

Natchitoches Central Principal Dale Skinner’s proposal that would have the membership vote to hire the executive director, not just the executive committee. An amendment fails. Proposal fails 209-84.

Proposal to U-High’s Albert Camburn to limit votes on items about specific sports to schools that have that sport fails 200-111. Camburn’s proposal to require a 2/3 vote to amend constitution fails 242-61.

Proposal to allow schools to play up to any class passes 215-91. Success factor proposal for various sports fails 273-37.

Vote to require private schools to use an LHSAA-approved agency for distribution of financial aid passes 231-78.

Proposal to place limitations on practice time passes 230-82. Recommended by Sports Medicine Advisory committee.

Proposal that would require violations to be report at least 10 days before the playoffs in order to be investigated before the season is complete. Sanctions would be imposed after the playoffs. Passes 253-59.

Proposal to require LHSAA to review ejection appeals prior to next game passes 206-106.

Proposal to sanction players or coaches who criticize contest officials in the media fails 161-129.

Proposal that imposes baseball pitching limits passes 219-80. Louisiana and Hawaii were only states without a pitch-limit rule.

Proposals to have the LHSAA assign umpires for baseball and softball pass.

E.D. White Principal Michelle Chiasson’s proposal to rescind the football playoff split fails 208-93. Chiasson says the split can lead to a split of the LHSAA with private schools forming a separate association. Chiasson says that with the amendments that passed, that principals should reconsider the split. Jane Griffin and others counter, saying split was good and that class votes from Thursday to keep the split should be honored.

Success factor proposal for football only amended to say classes instead of divisions for 2016 fails 198-96.

Proposal by Catholic-PC’s Colleen Caillet to divide Division III soccer into three separate classes for championships starting in 2014-15. Fails 156-97.

Softball coaches will not have to wear protective head gear in coaching box. Proposal to do that by Airline passes 171-123.