Northshore High School football coach Mike Bourg is recovering at Slidell Memorial Hospital after undergoing quadruple bypass surgery on Monday.

Bourg, 48, began experiencing shoulder pain July 17 and felt similar discomfort throughout July 18.

Later, after going to a weightlifting session with the football team, he drove himself to an instant care facility in Slidell.

Shortly thereafter, he was taken by ambulance to Slidell Memorial, where doctors placed stints in his heart. His wife, Donna, said one artery was completely blocked and three others had 90 percent blockage.

Bourg was scheduled to have bypass surgery several weeks after his emergency visit to the hospital, but physicians bumped up the procedure — performing the four bypasses around noon Monday.

The surgery took about six hours, according to family and friends.

Donna Bourg said her husband was recovering well by Thursday afternoon, though he has been extremely sore from the surgery and hoarse because of an intubation tube placed in his throat during the procedure.

“(The doctors) moved his surgery up three weeks,” Donna Bourg said. “He’s got a slow recovery, but he’s ready to get to work. He was hoarse because he had so many visitors and well-wishers coming to see him Thursday. The community came out to support him.”

Bourg’s daughter, Sydney, is a softball all-star at Northshore and was in Reno, Nev., when she learned of her father’s situation. She wanted to fly home immediately but was encouraged to stay and play while her father awaited surgery.

“The coaches said they never saw her play so hard or so well,” Donna Bourg said.

Northshore Athletic Director Tom Gainey said he has visited his football coach since the bypasses, and that Bourg is itching to get back on the field.

Gainey said now is not the time for the popular coach to fret over football, however.

“I understand he might be able to come home by the weekend or the beginning of next week,” Gainey said. “But he’s in a lot of discomfort, and that’s completely understandable. We want him to heal. We have things in order here. Things are taken care of on the coaching end, and I’m helping with the administrative end.

“The schedules, the practice times, all of that, it’s in order. The most important thing is for Mike to get well.”

Gainey said, in Bourg’s absence, all Northshore coaches will be on deck to help the team prepare for the upcoming season. Gainey said he expects to send a letter to the Louisiana High School Athletic Association on Friday to alert the association that defensive coordinator Mike Labourdette will handle interim coaching duties.

Offensive line coach Scott Gaines also is expected to tackle some of the head coaching tasks while Bourg recuperates, Gainey said.