The good

— Passage of a proposal that requires all new principals and athletic directors to attend a handbook certification class within three months of being named to their position.

Why this is good: An early knowledge of the rules should help schools avoid unintended rules violations that have become all too common in recent years.

— Adding a soccer mercy rule. This proposal approved by principals ends a soccer contest in either the first or second half once a team leads by an eight-goal margin.

Why this is good: It follows the example of the 10-run or 15-run rules in baseball and softball. Scoring a huge number of goals on a weak team and extending a contest that is already decided benefits no one.

— Tweaking the pitching rule for baseball. The rule passed limits pitchers to 14 innings in a calendar week that begins on Monday, no more than 10 innings during a three-day span and no more than nine innings on one day. Coaches must exchange records of pitchers used and innings pitched.

Why this is good: Coaches/administrators/medical professionals may not be done with this hot-button topic. But at least there are some added guidelines to follow.

Approving a proposal that allows golfers to use GPS devices or rangefinders.

Why this is good: Use of these devices is now an accepted part of golf. Making it LHSAA legal only makes sense.

— Passing a proposal to create a committee to evaluate the LHSAA executive director.

Why this is good: There should be a means to evaluate the person in the highest profile LHSAA job.

— Failing to pass a proposal that would disqualify a school from the playoffs in all sports the year after the school is involved in a lawsuit against the LHSAA.

Why this is good: A lawsuit will likely involve one or two sports. Why punish student/athletes in the sports not involved in the legal issues.

The bad

— The failure to approve pay raises for of some type for basketball and volleyball officials.

Why this is bad: Louisiana officials in those sports are among the nation’s lowest paid. Principals were also told that LHSAA officials are tested/scrutinized more than officials in other states. If the pay hike was too high, why not amend it to a lower number?

— Passing a proposal that cuts the pay for baseball/softball umpires who go to a game site only to have the game called before it starts by the home team because of field conditions.

Why this is bad: Again, think percentages. Instead of paying half the game rate and mileage, negotiate a lower amount, like one-third. Offering officials who had take off work to get to an afternoon game mileage only seems a bit severe.

We’ll see

— The approval of a new power-rating formula for basketball to be effective immediately.

Why this is tough: It may be difficult, if not impossible, to plug in and tally this new formula with only a couple of weeks left in the season. The fact that unofficial power ratings posted all year use the old formula confuses the issue more.

Robin Fambrough