LAFAYETTE — Lafayette Christian coach Derek Landry cleared up any confusion about the location of his team’s game Friday when he said they will play Houma Christian as originally scheduled in Houma.

Greg Gautreaux, head of Lafayette Parks and Recreation’s athletics department, said for a short time, the schools agreed to move the game to Lafayette’s Clark Field because of poor field conditions in Houma. Landry said Houma Christian re-evaluated their field Wednesday, looked at the forecast and decided to go forth with the game being played in Houma.

“They had been getting rained on pretty hard the last few weeks, and they had about three inches of standing water on the field,” Landry said. “They had a 90 percent chance of rain, and they don’t really have facilities there. They have one set of bleachers and the rest is surrounded with sugar cane. The field got torn up last week, and they didn’t know if we could play.”

Landry said the chance of rain in the Houma area Friday is “down to around zero” and Houma Christian coach Chuck Battaglia said it’s been sunny and the field has dried up. Landry confirmed the plan was in motion to move the game, but all that has been canceled and the game is being played as originally planned in Houma.

“We rushed real quick just in case to get our workers and security in place, and we had our backup plan,” Landry said, “but now its just business as usual with what we planned for when the schedule came out.”

Gautreaux said LCA called him to schedule the game at Clark Field and the city was prepared to allow the Knights to utilize the turf field for the game. He said with him only being able to staff 20 games on Friday nights, Houma officials were scheduled to officiate if the venue change was needed.

“If the field in Houma was in bad shape, I told them of course they could use Clark,” Gautreaux said. “We already move games to Thursdays, though, since we don’t have enough officials and all my guys were already working.”

Landry said his team was “kind of hoping” they didn’t have to make the two-hour drive to Houma, but the ordeal hasn’t really been a distraction.

“It’s always nice to stay home, but when it came down to it, (the players) knew that it just is what it is,” Landry said. “Now it’s time to go and take care of business.”

Landry said he doesn’t really know what to expect from Houma Christian since he has little game film, but he said he is “planning for anything.”

“They’re young and pretty athletic,” Landry said. “It is going to be hard to tell defensively what we are going to see. Because of their youth offensively, they will do some trick plays. They do a lot of reverses and screen reverses, and they actually are pretty good with it.

“We have to be ready for anything and everything and if the field conditions are sloppy, that is always the great equalizer.”