A few minutes with ... Pernell Jefferson _lowres

Pernell Jefferson, Warren Easton football player

Jefferson is a linebacker for the Warren Easton Eagles (7-1), ranked No. 4 in The New Orleans Advocate Large School Super 10. He verbally committed to Oklahoma in August. Easton plays Karr on Thursday.

Have you still been getting recruited since your commitment to Oklahoma?

Yes. I’ve been hearing from Nebraska, UCF, TCU, Texas Tech.

How solid are you on your commitment?

I feel solid But I’m going to take visits to see what I like. When I went out there to Oklahoma, they showed me things I had never seen.

How do you like playing middle linebacker?

In college, I will play outside linebacker, but I have played all along the front seven in high school. I think I am versatile. I started out playing defensive tackle as a freshman. I like outside linebacker the most because I felt more free playing that position.

How has it been switching positions?

I think it helps a lot. If somebody gets hurt, I can move to play any of the other positions. That helps the defense and makes us more flexible.

Who is your favorite NFL player?

Troy Polamalu. I started off liking like Marshall Faulk, but then my dad was a big Steelers’ fan, and I saw this one man with long hair standing out and making plays all over the field. He was versatile too and over the years I just started liking him.

What other sports do you play for Easton?


Are you a better football player or basketball player?

Football. I just try to play my role in basketball. Coach tells me to go out there and try to get 20 rebounds, so I just try to do my job.

What do you do before a game to get pumped up?

I reminisce about the things that me and my teammates have been through. I think about how God gave me the gift to play football, so why not use it.

Why do you wear No. 32?

I wanted No. 5, but I was too big for the jersey. So I looked at 32, 17 and 11. So I was thinking about people who wore 32 like Tyrann Matthieu.

What do you want people to remember about you?

I want them to remember that when I played, I was never a selfish guy. I gave 100 percent and if you needed me at any position, I was going to give you 100 percent. It felt good knowing I could help them out.

Rod Walker