Dear Superdome,

We have a favor to ask of you.

Please be a little more kind to us this year.

Yes, I realize we are having to borrow you for two weekends instead of one this year for the LHSAA football state championships (we’ll get to that in a minute), but we are writing you to request that you do whatever you can to make the games closer this year.

You remember some of those scores from those championship games we had to sit through last year, right?

Acadiana 77, Parkway 41.

John Curtis 32, University High 0.

Calvary Baptist 62, Hannan 7.

Vermilion Catholic 63, St. Frederick 18.

Please help us avoid those type of blowouts this year.

Do whatever you need to do to help us out.

You can even do that thing you did back in Super Bowl XLVII. If you see things getting out of hand at halftime, make the power go out and swing the momentum to the other team.

(A personal favor: If you do that, can you throw in a special appearance by Beyonce, too.)

The average margin of victory in last year’s nine title games was 24.4 points.

In the select divisions, the disparity was even worse. The four select championship games were decided by a lop-sided 33.3 points. That’s almost five touchdowns. Ouch!

Only one select title game (Rummel’s 23-22 victory over Byrd) was decided by single digits. That shouldn’t be a problem in this year’s Division I title game either.

Jesuit, which plays John Curtis on Friday, hasn’t allowed anyone more than 24 points all season.

The Blue Jays have held nine opponents to 14 points or less this season.

Curtis has been equally impressive on defense. The Patriots haven’t allowed more than 25 points in a game all season and have two shutouts on the year.

The New Orleans area teams — assuming they aren’t fatigued from the late 8:30 p.m. start — should make it easy for you.

So just help us with the other three select games Friday. U-High vs. Parkview Baptist (Division II); Catholic-New Iberia vs. Calvary Baptist (Division III) and Southern Lab vs. Ouachita Christian (Division IV).

Speaking of that Division IV game, we apologize for waking you up so early Friday to start a high school football game at 10 a.m.

That’s way too early for kids to have to start a game, especially on a normal school day.

We would much rather the select championships games be played Saturday, so they could be the only show in town.

Playing them on Friday steals the spotlight from the nonselect semifinal games, which will be played all across the state Friday night as well.

Those nonselect teams will be coming to the Dome on Dec. 12 and 13.

We know nine games spread out over two weekends is a lot to ask of you and again we apologize.

Hopefully this won’t be the case in the future, and we can cut that down to five or six state championship games each December.

It would make these state championships more meaningful, and we would really know who the best team is.

This time next week, we will likely be arguing who the best team is, especially with the large schools. The Division I winner: (Jesuit or Curtis). Or the Class 5A champion. (Acadiana, Zachary, Destrehan or West Monroe.)

“My only thing is Friday night won’t be THE state championship for the whole state,” said J.T. Curtis, the Patriots’s coach going for his 27th state title. “Friday night, one of us will be happy and the other will be disappointed. The next Friday night it will be the same thing, and people will have to debate who the best team is. I like for it to be settled on the field.”

Hopefully this issue will go away real soon, and we won’t have to bother you with nine games next year.

The LHSAA is in the process of hiring a new executive director, so we are hoping that bringing the association back together is a priority.

So as they work on that, we are asking that you work on making sure we have competitive games this year.

Thanks in advance.


High school football fans all across the state of Louisiana