Deer hunters have another weapon in their arsenal.

Not a new brand of ammo, nor camo, nor can’t-miss rifle.

It’s “Louisiana Whitetails,” the long-awaited book from David Moreland, who is, arguably, the most knowledgeable deer biologist in the state.

Moreland’s accomplishments are many: Before he retired, he led the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ Deer Study Program for years, then headed the LDWF’s Wildlife Division, and there are many items that could be added to that list.

The chapter titles tell the story. Moreland begins with a history of whitetails in the state, a treatise of unregulated hunting, low whitetail numbers and successive now 60-years-old management programs.

From there, Moreland delves into whitetail biology, including the state’s diverse and unique whitetail breeding cycles before writing about habitat, herd management, quality deer programs, the adventures of chasing trophy bucks and one of the more extensive treatments of “Shoot-Don’t Shoot” plans for deer hunters.

Chapter 8 titled “Louisiana Public Deer Areas” gives all Louisiana deer hunters a way to get into the field and is a solid presentation of where, when and how.

Even the forward written by Louisiana Sportsman Magazine editor (and the book’s publisher) Todd Masson is worth reading, because Masson tells in one page why readers should put into practice what Moreland is preaching.

“Louisiana Whitetails,” $19.95, is published by Louisiana Publishing in Boutte.

CRCL needs help

The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana needs volunteers (no, not the kind from Tennessee) to help its effort on Grand Isle and Elmer’s Island in its plan for USA Weekend’s Make a Difference Day.

Beginning Wednesday, CRCL volunteers will install sand fences on Elmer’s Island to help dunes form along this beach west of Grand Isle.

Thursday, crews will be needed to plant dune grass on Elmer’s Island to help control erosion and further stabilize the beach.

The biggest push will come Friday, CRCL spokeswoman Hilary Collis said, when ninth- and 10th-grade St. Mary’s Academy-New Orleans students will plant 8,000 bitter panicum plants along Grand Isle State Park beaches as part of the LSU AgCenter’s Youth Wetlands Education and Outreach Program.

For information, call Collis at (225) 413-2228.

Among the S.T.A.R.s

Though no one will get the new Silverado pick-up, the top prize for catching a specially tagged redfish, thousands of dollars in boats and fishing tackle will leave Live Oak Arabians come Thursday night after the S.T.A.R. banquet.

Corey Frank’s 8.34-pound speckled trout will stand tall at the fete that wraps up CCA Louisiana’s annual summer-long Statewide Tournament and Angler’s Rodeo.

Frank’s catch topped the Southwest Region and the state’s top trout entries.

For banquet details, call CCA Louisiana at (225) (5209200.

S.T.A.R. winners

Final 2011 Statewide Tournament and Angler’s Rodeo leaderboard with categories, anglers and weight of their catches in pounds. Random drawings were held to determine winners in Youth and Temple Fork Outfitters/Fly Rod categories:

Speckled Trout-East: 1, Christopher Suchand, 8.14 pounds. 2, Ed Sexton, 7.92. 3, Dan Schmidt, 7.84.

Speckled Trout-Southeast: 1, John Crifasi, 6.0. 2, Marc Simoneaux, 5.66. 3, Dennis Kelley, 5.61.

Speckled Trout-Southwest: 1, Scotty Broussard, 6.16. 2, Robert Tucker, 5.6. 3, Joe Vidrine, 5.58.

Speckled Trout-West: 1, Corey Frank, 8.34. 2, John Van Noam III, 8.11. 3, William Thebner, 7.59.

Mangrove Snapper: 1, Robert August, 12.47. 2, Marcus Valenciano, 12.38. 3, Cheyenne Meche, 12.24.

Lemonfish: 1, David Hebert, 60.0. 2, Michael Boquet, 54.1. 3, W. Seth Dodd, 53.0.

Dorado: 1, Mitch Drost, 41.2. 2, Russell Mitchell Jr., 27.0.

King Mackerel: 1, Donnie Jackson Sr. , 44.1. 2, Joshua Meche, 39.5. 3, Alan Reynolds, 38.31.

Ladies’ Only-Speckled Trout: 1, Pamela Pauley, 8.16. 2, Ashlyn Pauley, 7.11. 3, Phyllis Meche, 6.89.

Flounder: 1, Donnie Fontenot, 5.39. 2, Joey Carnahan, 5.17. 3, Robert Trahan, 4.92.

Fly-East: 1, Nicholas Vlahos, 3.65. 2, Robert Cormier, 1.8. 3, Jay De Salvo, 1.75.

Fly-West: 1, Kevin Natali, 5.45. 2, Vincent Bailey, 1.98. 3, Jack Boyer, 1.97.

Kayak-East: 1, Adam Huynh, 5.44. 2, Chris Holmes, 4.9. 3, Pete Massett, 3.42.

Kayak-Southeast: 1, Valerie Gonsoulin, 5.5. 2, Wayne Lobb, 4.9. 3, Becky McKey, 3.98.

Kayak-Southwest: 1, Cheyenne Meche, 5.5. 2, John Williams, 3.77. 3, Luke Beslin, 2.0.

Kayak-West: 1, Wayne Lobb, 6.79. 2, Valerie Gonsoulin, 6.45. 3, Kevin Natali, 5.76.

Largemouth Bass-East: 1, Gilbert Fortenberry, 6.13. 2, Kevin Diez, 5.35. 3, Silas Parker, 1.9.

Largemouth Bass-West: 1, Justin Adams, 7.41. 2, Adams, 7.19. 3, Adams, 5.9.

Youth Division-East: Charles Gordon.

Youth Division-Southeast: Seth Ponson.

Youth Division-Southwest: Kyle Gott.

Youth Division-West: Alayna Lefort.

Tagged Redfish: None

Calcasieu Calcutta: 1, Danny Lambert, 7.09. 2, Brandon Soileau, 6.8. 3, David Eiselstein, 6.72.


Fly: Stephen Robert. Kayak-East: Chris Holmes. Kayak-Southeast: Becky McKey. Kayak-Southwest: Luke Beslin. Kayak-West: Greg Sonnier.