State tournament

Wednesday's games

At Mike Miley Stadium

Championship game 14: Pedal Valves (Independent) 8, Townsend Homes (St. Charles Catholic) 4

(Pedal Valves advanced as Louisiana state champion to the American Legion Baseball Mid-South Regional Tournament scheduled for Aug. 2-6 at Kirsch-Rooney Stadium)

Game 15: If necessary, Townsend Homes (St. Charles Catholic) would have to defeat Pedal Valves twice in a game scheduled to begin 30 minutes after the conclusion of Game 14.

Fifteen games will be needed if Game 11 winner loses Game 13 or Game 13 winner wins Game 14.

Tuesday's games

At Mike Miley Stadium

Game 12: Townsend Homes (St. Charles Catholic) 5, St. Landry Bank Indians (Opelousas) 2

Game 13: Pedal Valves (Independent) 6, Gauthier & Amedee (East Ascension) 5

Monday's results

At Mike Miley Stadium

Game 9: Gauthier & Amedee (East Ascension) 4, Southland Hogs (Covenant Christian) 3

Game 10: St. Landry Bank Indians (Opelousas) 5, River Ridge Patriots (John Curtis) 2

Game 11: Pedal Valves (Independent) 1, Townsend Homes (St. Charles Catholic) 0

Sunday's results

At Mike Miley Stadium

Game 5: River Ridge Patriots (John Curtis) 4, Crowley Millers 1

Game 6: Southland Hogs (Covenant Christian) 4, Ponstein’s (Holy Cross) 1

Game 7: Townsend Homes (St. Charles Catholic) 4, Gauthier Amedee (East Ascension) 0

Game 8: Pedal Valves (Independent) 7, St. Landry Bank Indians 1

Saturday's results

Game 1: Gauthier Amedee (East Ascension) 2, River Ridge Patriots (John Curtis) 1 at Kirsch-Rooney Stadium

Game 2: Pedal Valves (Independent) 4, Southland Hogs (Covenant Christian) 2 at Kirsch-Rooney and Mike Miley Stadiums

Game 3: Townsend Homes (St. Charles Catholic) 6, Crowley Millers (Crowley) 2 at Mike Miley

Game 4: St. Landry Bank Indians (Opelousas) 5, Ponstein’s (Holy Cross) 4 at Mike Miley

American Legion Mid-South Regional Tournament

At Kirsch-Rooney

Aug. 2-6

American Legion World Series

At Keeter Stadium, Shelby, N.C.

Aug. 10-15