Did you hear the news? Of course you did.

Thursday night, in a move we haven’t seen since the classic playground do-over, NBA Commissioner David Stern wiped out the proposed blockbuster trade that would’ve sent Chris Paul to the Lakers, and, in return, given the Hornets a whole lot more than they could’ve reasonably expected.

A few hours later, even Vince McMahon and the WWE were like, “Really? Geez. Well, at least we’re not those guys.”

Maybe they’ll find a way to fix this thing. They’re working on it.

For the moment, that’s it. One guy can just nix a deal because, well, he just can.

It looks like a full-fledged disaster for the NBA, which still hasn’t properly explained its decision.

But take a closer look.

The idea that one guy can veto anything isn’t necessarily a bad idea. No, really.

Hear it out.

What we need to do is give Stern more veto power. In fact, we need to expand his veto power, such that it covers the entire North America sports landscape.

Then we need to make sure Stern uses it on the right things. Or the right people.

A few suggestions:

e_SBlt Go ahead, commissioner, and veto Kris Humphries — as a basketball player, as a reality “star,” as whatever else.

If you missed it, Kim Kardashian’s fly-by husband — an NBA free agent, still looking for a job — went on “Good Morning America” last week and was apparently surprised that the interview focused mainly on his 72-day marriage, not his drop-step and baby hook.


By the way, Kris: Kim isn’t worth the trouble. Just ask that former Saints tailback — you know, the one who isn’t as effective as Darren Sproles.

e_SBlt Go ahead, commissioner, and cancel figure skating.

e_SBlt Go ahead, commissioner, and veto the guys who run the Bowl Championship Series.

Where do we begin with these guys? How about their claim that because of their system, every regular-season game counts? First of all, their system gives us a postseason in which only one game really counts, instead of a whole month of survive-and-advance, win-or-go-home playoff games.

Did anyone complain last year when the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl as a No. 6 seed? No. They earned their title. What a concept.

e_SBlt Go ahead, commissioner, and veto anyone who wants to do away with hockey fights. Oh, we know: hockey fights are terrible; they send the wrong message; blah-blah-blah. They’ve been a part of the game for decades — and each year, the NHL still sees fit to award the Lady Byng Trophy to the most gentlemanly player.

See? We can have and sportsmanship and (very) aggressive play, all on the same frozen lake. Besides, we didn’t come to the arena to watch the Zamboni.

• Finally, commissioner, do us all a favor and cancel Bobby Petrino’s contract.

Even the Kardashians don’t whine as much that guy.