A legend’s final visit: The Pelicans reflect on Kobe Bryant’s career _lowres

Advocate photo by ROD WALKER -- Kobe Bryant fans were out in force for his final game in the Smoothie King Center on Friday, April 8, 2016. Top row, from left: Rizgar Haji, Ahmed Mohamed, Dewar Mohamed and Reno Haji. Bottom row: Nick and Donyale Garrett

Dante Cunningham, forward

“A legend. Someone I’ve looked up to growing up. Playing in Philadelphia (at Villanova), he was obviously a big name. His high school was right around the corner from my college. Honestly, a great all-time player. This year has been awesome, just because it’s his last go-round and you’re a part of history being on the same court with him, his last hurrah. It’s definitely just an unreal experience right now.”

Anthony Davis, forward

“He’s meant a lot. What really kind of stands out (is) that whole Olympic thing, me and him. He kind of took me under his wing and made me learn a lot about the game and how the game is different — way different — than college and high school and even the Olympics. Having a guy like that just take you under his wing, especially at 19, coming into — I don’t want to say coming in the league, because I wasn’t coming in the league yet — but trying to learn the game and get better and get to where he has and to where people put him on this pedestal, you want to get there, too. Him being able to bring you in with open arms and try to school you to the game, that means a lot to me.”

Bryce Dejean-Jones, guard

“Being from L.A., there were a lot of good moments, just growing up and watching a great player become greater. We’d see him on TV every night. He meant so much to the city. Championship parades were what we started expecting instead of just hoping for.”

Tim Frazier, guard

“It’s surreal. Growing up as a kid, I know myself, I looked up to him. I watched Kobe growing up go for 82 points, hit game-winners, take guys in the post, do all that.”

Alvin Gentry, coach

“I really appreciate who he is and the way he approaches things. You see him working out in July when everybody else is vacationing. That’s what drives him. He truly wanted to be the best player to ever put on a uniform, and to me he did everything he could to get there.”

Kendrick Perkins, center

“I’ve been a fan not only just watching him but as a competitor and how he approaches the game. I’ve probably read every article on Kobe as far as how he approaches workouts at 5 in the morning and the offseason and the way he trains. It shows on the court. I’ve been in the league for 13 years, and I’ve seen him hit every milestone. I’m trying to figure out if he is going to get both jerseys retired (No. 8 and 24). He has done great things in both jerseys. You can’t say enough about him.”