Anthony Davis may be the future of the NBA, but don't ask him about the past.

The Pelicans forward faced off against Clyde Frazier on Jimmy Kimmel Live in a game of Generation Gap on Wednesday.

Generation Gap is a reoccurring segment on Kimmel's late night show, pitting Baby Boomer versus Millennial in pop culture trivia from the opposing player's era.

Some questions Davis struggled with:

Who was responsible for the New Deal?

"The New Deal of what?"

Complete this phrase: Up your nose with a rubber (blank)?


When shown a picture of President Jimmy Carter and asked to give his last name.

"I have no idea."

The host also poked fun at Davis' short stint in higher education at Kentucky.

"Anthony, you graduated college?" Kimmel said.

"No, just one year," Davis responded with a laugh.

Davis wound up beating Frazier 60-40.