With no team ever recovering from a 3-0 deficit, pride is pretty much what the Pelicans are playing for Saturday. Getting at least one win in the series would say a lot about this team, especially after Game 3. Hopefully the white T-shirts fans will wear tonight aren’t a sign of waving the white flag.

2 Crash the boards

This has been a recurring theme, but it is even more so now after how Golden State got second chance after second chance Thursday night. The Warriors’ 10 offensive boards in the fourth quarter spelled doom for the Pelicans. It was an offensive rebound by Marreese Speights that gave Stephen Curry one last shot.

3 Anderson or Asik?

Tough call for Monty Williams. Do you go with Ryan Anderson, who lit Golden State up for 26 points in Game 3. Or do you sacrifice some scoring and go with Omer Asik to help protect the rim and also help with some of the rebounding woes?

Rod Walker