1 Defend the lane

Despite having the long arms of Anthony Davis there to disrupt things, the Pelicans were the second-worse team in the league at giving up points in the paint, and it showed Saturday. Time and again there was no help as Stephen Curry and his mates found unimpeded paths to the basket. Finding a way fix a season-long fundamental flaw won’t be easy.

2 Fire from the bench

The Pelicans had only three players in double figures Saturday, and all of them were starters. A team that needs offensive production from Ryan Anderson got only 1-of 6 shooting from him, including just two 3-point attempts. Norris Cole can be a spark, as can Alexis Ajinca, but they were defensive liabilities in Game 1.

3 Unhappy Warriors

When you’re up by 25 points with a minute left in the third quarter and they’re flashing the graphic that you can break a franchise record for margin of victory in a playoff game that dates back to 1948, maybe what Golden State needed was a big rally from the Pelicans to remind them the danger of easing off. Draymond Green said he’d give his team a “C-plus, B-minus,” for its performance. If the Warriors can do better, the Pelicans are in big trouble.

-- Ted Lewis