By the time Sean Payton spoke to the Carolina media on Wednesday afternoon, the Saints coach felt comfortable enough to say he believes there’s “a real good chance” Drew Brees bounces back from a bruised rotator cuff to play on Sunday.

Payton’s confidence didn’t come from anything Brees did in practice on Wednesday. The Saints’ starter didn’t throw.

But the Saints head coach was encouraged by his quarterback’s demeanor.

“I think it was just kind of overall echoing his mood and the way I see his responses,” Payton said. But it wasn’t based off of, man, I just saw him throw 15 go routes or anything like that, so it was really where I thought he was at Wednesday. He felt pretty good.”

Brees was listed as limited in practice, meaning he did some work in team drills. The New Orleans quarterback remains day-to-day, monitoring his progress by how he feels each morning.

“It’s really more of us paying attention to hey, where’s it at today now,” Payton said. “It might be a little later in the week before we know for sure, but I’m anxious to see how he does today.”

If Brees is going to play, he’ll test out the shoulder before the Saints take the field in Carolina.

“He wouldn’t go all the way to Sunday and then pregame is his first throws,” Payton said. “It’s a process that really starts with warming up and testing out how it feels, so we’ll see where it’s at.”


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