Wall Street Journal report: NFL team fans ranked for dumbest online comments; In this league, Saints hold a lofty position, but not the worst _lowres

Advocate staff file photo by PATRICK DENNIS

While Saints fans are not considered the poorest users of grammar when posting comments online, New Orleans trails only the Washington Redskins’ faithful for most spelling and word usage mistakes found in online platforms among all other teams in the NFL, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

Saints fans nailed down the second worst spot for poorest grammar usage among NFL fanbases making mistakes in written English. Still, Redskins fans made the most mistakes, roughly 30 percent more than fans posting online comments claiming allegience to the Saints, according to the poll, conducted in collaboration with Grammarly, an online automated proofreader.

Grammar and spelling algorithms were used to track fans' online language use among all 32 NFL teams. The Redskins held the top spot, or came in dead last, depending on one’s point of view, charting 16.5 grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes per 100 words. Saints fans polled 12.4 errors at the same rate.

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