Some members of the Saints weren’t happy with the way New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham was pulling himself through coverage during Sunday’s loss.

They notified the referees and told them to watch for it, and yet Sterling Moore ended up drawing a costly pass interference call during the fourth quarter of the game.

“It was one of those things he's trying to pull himself through,” Moore said after the game. “He does that a lot and he kind of gets away with it at times. It's something I mentioned to the refs. It is what it is." 

After reviewing the game, coach Sean Payton did not feel it was worth sending into the league for review. He typically saves his effort for things that are more egregious, which is what he did two weeks ago when linebacker Craig Robertson was flagged for interference against the Oakland Raiders during the fourth quarter.

That play was a costly one and ultimately extended Oakland’s game-winning drive.

“Periodically there will be something if it’s egregious or something that’s just completely then I might call Dean (Blandino) and send it in,” Payton said. “Two weeks ago, the fourth-and-5 interference call, that was sent it.”

Payton said that he pays attention to how games are called, and in the case of the Moore penalty, things can be learned that can help the New Orleans offense.

“When you’re getting a lot of bump and run it’s kind of back and forth with the corner and the receiver and the corner and the receiver,” Payton said. “It’s something that you continue to work and learn to try and understand it and utilize yourself to some degree what you do offensively.”

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