Saints quarterback Luke McCown’s season-ending back injury didn’t stem from single event _lowres


The back injury that ended Luke McCown‘s season did not stem from one event.

McCown, who practiced last Wednesday, missed the final two days of the week, then saw a specialist on Monday before undergoing surgery.

A nagging problem in his leg forced McCown to go to the specialist.

“Sometimes that’s the case with a back,” Payton said. “Without getting too technical, sometimes you’re able to have an epidural and kind of come back and be healed or feel a little bit better. This was maybe a little bit further along.”

With McCown out, the Saints have signed Matt Flynn to handle the backup duties going forward, but it’s unclear what McCown’s future will be with the Saints.

The veteran, who has been a clear asset as a backup for Brees, signed a one-year deal, and the Saints do have rookie Garrett Grayson.

For the moment, McCown is focused on getting healthy.

“He should have no residuals with the procedure,” Payton said. “There wasn’t one event, though. … It wasn’t something specific. He began having soreness and tingling in his left leg, and spent some time, went and saw a specialist and went ahead with the procedure.”