Drew Brees took a shot during last week’s game against the Tennessee Titans that caused his cheek to swell up and split his lip.

Brees had to get a couple stitches after the 34-28 loss to the Tennessee Titans. The swelling in his jaw has since subsided, but the Saints quarterback still remembers the impact.

“Guy kind of got a clean shot on me and hit me right in the jaw,” Brees said. “Ended up getting stitches and kind of had a lemon-sized, swelled up there for a little bit. I’m fine. Obviously we ended up getting a little closer to the goal line as a result of that, getting a touchdown, taking an eight-point lead.”

The occurred when Titans linebacker David Bass hit Brees late in a play and drew a flag for roughing the passer. Brian Orakpo then drew additional flags for unsportsmanlike conduct, which moved New Orleans to the 6-yard line.

The Saints eventually scored to take a 28-20 lead.