Watch Drew Brees' appearance on 'The Colbert Report'

Saints quarterback Drew Brees

Saints quarterback Drew Brees

Still touring through various TV show sets ahead of Super Bowl XLVIII, Saints quarterback Drew Brees landed on "The Colbert Report" late Thursday and talked to the host about how impatient players are to just take the field for the championship game at this point. Watch the clip at "The Colbert Report" website.

Brees, the MVP of Super Bowl XLIV, said that the title game "can't get here fast enough" in the final days leading up to it. "You've had two weeks to prepare for this, not just one week. ... Let's just go play this game."

Host Stephen Colbert joked that players probably stared at themselves in the mirror practicing how to say "I'm going to Disney World" until throwing their hands in the air and saying, "(Forget) this -- I'll go to EPCOT, just let me go play!"

Colbert pressed Brees into revealing who he picked to win the Super Bowl. Brees didn't give in, though he told David Letterman on Wednesday that he'd like to see Peyton Manning's Broncos defeat Russell Wilson's Seahawks, who beat the Saints twice this season.

Brees said it'd be the perfect way for veteran Manning to finish his "incredible" year, during which he set NFL records by throwing for 55 touchdowns and 5,477 yards. Second-year Wilson can expect more chances at a title in the future, Brees added.

Colbert teased Brees about how one takes command of a room, or "owns" it. "You're prepared for any situation," Brees replied. "It's a quiet confidence."