All of the preseason speculation about the health of Max Unger feels silly now. 

Unger, who underwent surgery in the summer to repair a Lisfranc space in the bones of his foot, was one of two Saints, along with rookie tackle Ryan Ramczyk, to play every one of the team's 1,039 offensive snaps. 

"That was big for me," Unger said. "It's hard to play in the National Football League, and it's hard to stay healthy, and luckily, I've been able to do that this season. It is a point of pride."

Unger's durability in New Orleans has been even more impressive considering that he carried an injury-prone label in some circles when the Saints traded for him three years ago. 

During his six seasons in Seattle, Unger played in all 16 games just twice. 

In New Orleans, Unger has played 98 percent of the possible offensive snaps over a three-year period, missing one snap in 2015, one game in 2016 and no plays at all this season. 

Unger's durability has been essential on a front five that had injuries hit every other position at one point or the other this year.

"Especially on the offensive line, where you're taking every snap," Unger said. "It's what you want."

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