Rob Ryan hasn’t coached with his brother since the mid-1990’s.

But Rex, the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, isn’t ruling it out completely after the Saints fired Rob from the defensive coordinator’s position on Monday.

He just knows that’s not the way they’ve handled their careers to this point.

“I’ll never say never. We’ve kind of purposely set a path going to different teams. He’s his own man, I’m my own man,” Rex said in a press conference with Buffalo media on Tuesday. “With that being said, I’m not going to lie to you, I think it’d be pretty fun, and if it can help, I’d have to consider it. He’d have to consider it as well.”

Rex said his brother planned to use the rest of the season to get away from football.

“I know he’s going on, he’s going to take some time and all that, and get away from it a little bit, which is good,” Rex said.

Rex has the Bills in contention at 5-4, but he believes his brother will have no trouble finding another job, even if it doesn’t come in Buffalo.

“He’s a great coach. He’ll be fine,” Rex said. “This is the business that we chose and all that, and it’s going to happen. … I think I would have liked to have seen him finish out the season. I know, obviously, that’s what he would have liked to have done, but there’s a reason for everything, and so be it.”