Defensive end Cam Jordan is trying to move past last week’s nightclub incident and focus on the Saints’ season opener Sunday at Arizona.

Jordan said he has addressed Saints players and coaches about the altercation, but he did not confirm or deny any of the details of the incident that have appeared in police reports — although his lawyers disputed the details in the report that have been released by police.

Jordan plans to let the legal process run its course and try to focus on football.

“There’s a lot of things that people can say, but at this point, I’ve put everything into it, the league is looking into it, the coaches have had their part in it and I’ve done what I must do for this upcoming game,” he said. “That’s what I’m focused on.”

Jordan is accused of patting a woman on the buttocks at a Warehouse District nightclub, then threatening her boyfriend and dangling him in the air, according to a police report released detailing the boyfriend’s account. Any other information has been placed in a supplemental report that does not have to be released to the public.

Jordan has not been arrested or issued a citation in conjunction with the incident. The defensive end could face a misdemeanor battery or disturbing the peace citation, depending on the results of the investigation.

What that means for Jordan’s status with the league remains uncertain. The NFL is looking into the matter, said NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, which is “standard procedure with any incident of that nature.”

Jordan, whose lawyers have said has been cooperative with police throughout the process, has addressed the team about the incident. Jordan was named one of six captains by the Saints in a recent player vote.

“In addressing the team, I had to illustrate all that I can with what happened and just (let teammates know that) you always have to be aware of where you’re at,” Jordan said.

Jordan will continue to pursue his captain’s duties.

“In terms of being a captain, I have to become the best captain I can be, to set the standards high and go from there,” he said.

Jordan did not say whether he believes he should face charges.

“Everybody would like to be exonerated of anything, and I’m going to let the system play out as it shall, and I’m going to do my best to focus on the next game and the best player, being the best dad that I can be,” he said.

Jordan, who had his first child, a son named Tank, this summer, said the attention surrounding the incident has been tough on his family, but he has been able to move past the criticism as the news cycle continues to play out.

“Off the field, I have a family of my own that’s been in full support,” Jordan said. “A girlfriend and a son and everything, and I’m sure that it’s taken a toll on them.”

For their part, the Saints organization has said it is gathering information on the incident, and the team will let the situation play out.

But coach Sean Payton does not believe Jordan’s incident is indicative of a larger problem in the locker room.

“I like this group we have now. I like the leadership we have on this team in regards to the makeup,” Payton said. “That’s something that I think I’ve got a pretty good keen sense for, and I like the way they’ve handled ... the transformation, if you will, that happens every year with every team in our league. You get different personalities, young and old, that come in. I like it.”