Do not adjust your set. The folks at Baton Rouge’s Fox affiliate, WGMB Channel 44, know there has been a problem with live sports programming on their station recently and have been working to fix it.

Throughout the summer, some games shown on the station have had a sluggish, jumpy quality that looks like there are too few frames per second being broadcast.

WGMB news director Gary Wordlaw said the station recently purchased some new control room equipment, and that in the process of getting it connected there have been transmission issues.

“It’s happened intermittently,” Wordlaw said, “and more on live than taped programs.”

Wordlaw said WGMB is confident those issues have been fixed, but just in case the station will have engineers on duty Sunday during the 3 p.m. telecast of the Saints-Houston Texans preseason game.

“It’s hard to catch what is a spasmodic issue,” Wordlaw said, “but we have a lot of engineers who will be hanging around Sunday to fix it if it happens again.”

With the NFL regular season rapidly approaching, Wordlaw acknowledged there is a sense of urgency to get the problem fixed.

In addition to Sunday’s game, WGMB and Fox will televise 11 Saints regular-season games, starting with the team’s Sept. 13 season opener at Arizona.