Drew Brees ducks 'deflategate' question, says he doesn't think about ball much on game day _lowres

Saints quarterback Drew Brees

It’s natural to make a connection between the Saints’ bounty scandal and the under-inflated football incident that took place in New England.

Supporters in both locations feel their teams were unjustly punished with a lack of evidence. But the Saints want nothing to do with the comparisons. Coach Sean Payton punted on the topic over the weekend and quarterback Drew Brees did the same Wednesday during an appearance on ESPN Radio.

“Honestly, I’m just worried about my team and doing what we need to do to win a championship, and to your point, being on that side of it at one time, it’s a difficult situation, it’s not favorable for either side to have to go through something like that,” Brees said. “You hope for the best resolution, and then it’ll be back to playing football.”

The radio host then asked Brees how he likes his footballs and if he’s ever thought about air pressure. The quarterback said he likes the ball broken in a certain way, which is allowed by the rules, but says the ball is the last thing on his mind once the game starts.
“Honestly, I’ve never given it that much thought,” Brees said. “I really haven’t. You know, there is a process by which we pick footballs before a game. You kind of break them in, in practice, you kind of rub them down, whatever, but once they’re out on game day, you’ve got other things to worry about other than what the balls are like.
“You know, you’re focused on throwing to the right guy, being on time, where are the defenders, who’s coming to get you. You’ve got enough things going on, but honestly, I really have never given it that much thought other than, I like the balls broken in a certain way, but then after that, I think you just play ball with whatever ball comes up.”</</div>