The pairing of Rob Ryan and Dennis Allen has often been described as something of a fire and ice relationship, a juxtaposition between the colorful, outgoing Ryan and the serious, quieter approch of Allen.

But Allen thinks he might be getting the short end of the stick in that comparison.

“You guys make me out like I’m a stick in the mud,” Allen said. “I like to have fun, too.”

Allen, the former Raiders head coach and Saints assistant brought back to help Ryan, has taken over the secondary, while Ryan handles the defense’s overall scheme and focuses on the front seven during practice.

And they’re starting to have fun with all the questions about their relationship. Allen, a clean-cut guy in terms of appearance joked that he tried to talk the long-haired Ryan into changing the dynamic a bit this summer.

“We were going to have him cut his hair and me grow mine out,” Allen quipped.